To celebrate the release of our new single "There's a Better Word for This" later this month, we've decided to make all of our music FREE to download from now until the end of December.  Get your ears on our tunes HERE.  Can't wait to share more music with you soon.  For now, here's the artwork for our upcoming single.


Working on a New Single with Mike Bridgett 



Hey Everyone,

We were in the studio last weekend working with our new friend Mike Bridgett on a single that we hope to share with you really soon.  This marks the first time we have been in the studio with a producer in a number of years.  We're excited about having an extra set of ears on our songs, Mike had some really great ideas and the song came together nicely.  We're eagerly anticipating the results and we'll certainly keep you posted.  For now, "Runaway" is still available as a free download.


More news coming soon!



Vice Years

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