Vice Years

Stephen Lucas: Vocals/Guitar
Andy Tudor: Guitar/Vocals
Cameron Cash:  Drums

Vice Years formed in 2013 as a side project of Stephen Lucas and Andy Tudor of Pictures in Pieces.  After demoing a handful of songs, the pair entered the studio with producer Sean Small (Jason Derulo, Plain White T's). Shortly after completing their debut ep titled "operator," Lucas and tudor brought in cameron cash to complete the lineup on drums.  With a wide range of influences from bands such as Third Eye Blind to The Smiths, vice years is happy to find themselves outside of a niche genre.  since the release of the ep, vice years has shared the stage with touring bands such as the dangerous summer and good charlotte.  in addition, they have performed at some of DC's most notable festivals and sporting events.

With plans to release a series of singles throughout 2018 and 2019,  Vice Years hope to continue to find new ears to share their music with.


"Mellower than metal, harder than pop rock.  the vocal harmonies are dense and beautiful."

-issues magazine - dec. 2017